Coastal Shipping Limited - Environmental Policy Coastal Shipping Limited recognizes the environmental impact of our business. We are committed and will rigorously seek to ensure that all of our operations are conducted responsibly.

We aim to develop and maintain a high standard of environmental care to prevent pollution, to continually improve our environmental performance, and to integrate environmental considerations into our business decision and planning activities. The company will strive comply with all environmental regulations and take all reasonable steps to prevent damage to property and the environment. 

We will provide such resources as are necessary to achieve our environmental goals, which comprise:

  • Compliance with all relevant and approved codes of practice.
  • Ensuring our business activities promote the preservation of all resources.
  • Establishing communication links and consistent operation standards, which contribute to minimizing environmental impact within the provision of third party services.
  • Provision of training necessary to address environmental awareness and issues.
  • Active involvement within the community to enhance the understanding of our operations and improve our understanding of their concerns.
  • Establishing and maintaining and Environmental Management System that will identify and respond to changes in corporate policy, operations, legislation and client requirements.

We review this policy on a regular basis, or whenever changes in circumstances make it necessary.