Health and Safety Policy

The management of Coastal Shipping Limited is dedicated to providing a healthy and safe environment in order to protect employees from injury and illness. Coastal Shipping Limited, as an employer, is ultimately responsible for the health and safety of its employees.

Coastal Shipping Limited is committed to taking every precaution to protect the life, health, and safety of all employees. To achieve this objective, Coastal Shipping Limited will make every reasonable effort to comply with government regulations and industry standards pertaining to health and safety, provided the resources necessary to create a safe working environment and follow industry standard safe working practices and recommendations.

A healthy and safe workplace will be accomplished through cooperation and consultation between the employees and management of Coastal Shipping Limited through the implementation of a Safety Management System.

Supervisors will be held accountable for the health and safety of employees under their supervision. Responsibilities will include ensuring that machinery and equipment are safe and that work practices are compliant with established legislation, workplace practices and procedures. To protect their health and safety, employees must receive specific work task training and adequate personal protection devices that shall be provided by the company.

Every employee must protect his or her health and safety and that of others by working in compliance with legislation and established workplace procedures and practices.

Contractors will be required to operate according to legislative requirements using best practices and Coastal Shipping Limited policies and procedures regarding health and safety.

Health and safety is an integral part of this organization’s every day business. It is in the best interest of all to join together and put into practice health and safety principles in all work activities.

We will review this policy on a regular basis, or whenever changes in circumstances make it necessary.